Over the Hill | Gimme Schalter №9

Hashtag me at 40

Another NFL season at FiveThirtyEight!

So often I see media reporters, out-of-work editors and fellow scrambling freelancers gripe about the decline of…well, everything in journalism, from fact-checking and copy editing to editors’ mentorship of writers.

I laughed at my own jokes an embarrassing number of times while drafting this

Everything Awesome

J.K. Rowling Needs to Get a Life

Normally, a great Twitter thread that makes me think thoughts and feel feelings goes in the “Everything Awesome” section. And I did a bit about the world of Young Adult lit and my place in it in this space not too long ago.

I’m a poseur of a poser


I can’t believe I’ve gone on this long and am still about to write more about my writing.



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Ty Schalter

Ty Schalter

Professional writer & talker (@FiveThirtyEight, etc.). Sports things & nerd stuff. Rather cleverer than most men; mistakes correspondingly huger. He/him.