Hamish McKenzie is Right About Everything But Substack | Gimme Schalter №41

Journalist, Observe Thyself

I was there to convince him to start a newsletter. Luke’s friend Judd Legum, who had recently started Popular Information, thought Luke could do well on Substack because of his distinctive voice, cracked sense of humor, and livewire Twitter presence. Luke wore a fitted baseball cap and smoked cigarettes as if it were 1994. Tattoos crawled over his arms.

Over cocktails, I gave him my best pitch.

Writers have been belittled and demeaned by bad systems for decades now. The gulf between their cultural value and economic value is tragically large. The work that writers do is important: it shapes how we think, how we cooperate with others, and who we are. It is the foundation of a functioning society. And yet, in recent years writers have continued to be shunted down the economic order, forced to sublimate themselves to fickle gatekeepers and algorithms while living with acute financial anxiety.

Everything Awesome




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Ty Schalter

Ty Schalter

Professional writer & talker (@FiveThirtyEight, etc.). Sports things & nerd stuff. Rather cleverer than most men; mistakes correspondingly huger. He/him.